India's First UV-Tech
Sanitization Services

First-ever Revolutionary 360° approach using UV-Tech in sanitization services to safeguard against Covid-19 First Indian company to acquire UV-Tech used for sanitization of areas where traditional fumigation methods fail.

UV-Tech provides a highly efficient way of disinfection of heavily-used workplaces such as work stations, computer system, keyboard of server rooms without direct.

Revolutionary UV-Technology

UV light is germicidal- which means it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. This takes away their ability to reproduce and spread.

UV-Tech used for sanitization of areas where traditional fumigation methods fail, like Hard-to-reach surfaces, Electronics and Electrical Fittings.

Most effective use of UV-Tech is on Papers, Files and Stationary, and Most importantly on Tea, Coffee Machines as it's impossible to disinfect with any other method.

A group of highly trained personnel equipped with HazMat suits and Goggles trained in the disinfection drill to ensure 100% safe workplaces for you.

Our 360° Approach Benefits

No Chemical Odour

Eco Friendly

Quick To Use


Kind To Skin

Disinfect Hard To Reach Surface

We sanitize everything under the sky

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